In support of the PMA-263 program, Evolving Resources Inc. currently manages the government owned, contractor operated Training and Logistics Support Activity (TALSAs) that serve as the central locations for all Marine Corps SUAS entry-level training programs. The TALSA centers ensure that Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEFs), MARSOC, Marine Corps Forces Reserve, and other Government Agencies meet their training requirements. Through standardized courses that meet SUAS-operator Marine Corps and Joint Operations requirements, the TALSA ensure Marines are properly trained to employ SUASs during contingencies and combat operations.

ERI maintains weekly contact with fleet units and supporting entities to coordinate current training operations and to receive constant feedback. As new UAS are developed, ERI routinely increases its scope to include all systems in our supporting classification.

Course Types:

  • New Equipment: Designed for personnel without any SUAS operator experience or who were once certified but have lapsed in currency as stated in the current Group 1 UAS Training and Readiness Manual.
  • Differences Training: Designed for SUAS operators certified in one or more platforms and who maintain currency requirements per current Group 1 UAS Training and Readiness Manual.
  • Accelerated: Designed for Naval aviators and UAS air vehicle operators whose in-depth training satisfies portions of the initial qualification training (IQT) curricula; therefore, an abridged course for each SUAS was developed to certify this student population.
TALSA East Camp Lejeune, NC Training Facility
Verification and Validation 2
TALSA West Camp Pendleton, CA Training Facility

RQ-20B Launch at TALSA West