ERI is constantly innovating new products, methods, and modifications to increase the maintainability and life-cycle of the systems it supports. When a new method or product is developed, a Scientific and Technical Information (STI) documents is created and added to a database which allows all parties involved access to the latest technology.

In order to create prototypes and products in limited supply, ERI has in-house machining, 3D printing, and circuit development capabilities. This allows our engineers and technicians to consistently improve maintainability and decrease costs for the warfighter.

Products and Modifications Developed at ERI:

  • Transponder Cooling System Retrofit
  • RQ-20B Motor Cowling
  • RQ-20A Rudder
  • RQ-11B, RQ-12A, RQ-20A, RQ-20B, and InstantEye Test Stands
  • RQ-11B Modular Test Stand
  • Vacuum Pump for Curing Carbon Plates
ERI Developed RQ-20A Rudder Mold
ERI Developed RW-20B Cowling Mold