Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA)
Engineers and composite experts find the most cost effective solutions to meet operating specifications while mitigating associated risks by performing analysis of the requirements and ensuring they are an effective and efficient use of available resources.

Technology Development (TD)
Program management acquires and analyzes data to create a comprehensive plan to find the optimal solution to a problem while staying within designated parameters. The development plan and projected tasks are based on life cycle expectancies of all associated equipment and resources.

Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)
Engineers develop the necessary technology and methodology to satisfy task requirements and create a reliable, maintainable, and sustainable system.

Production and Deployment (P&D)
Logistics experts optimize the production and deployment of the developed systems to the end user to guarantee satisfaction. Additionally, in-process inspections are conducted to ensure work performed meets or exceeds required levels.

Operations and Support (O&S)
Logistics and engineering teams develop modifications and improvements in order to resolve operating issues by analyzing feedback data from end users.

Verification and Validation 4
Verification and Validation 5
Verification and Validation 6
Transponder Retrofit Procedure in Correspondence to ERI’s Verification/Validation Methodology