By utilizing the methods associated with the Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) model, ERI performs repairs at the operational and depot levels. The two level repair model allows ERI engineers and technicians to use advanced technology to optimize system life cycles while drastically reducing costs.

ERI currently performs depot level repair and maintenance on Group 1 Unmanned Aerial Systems for PMA-263 as well as on Target Auxiliary/Augmentation Systems for PMA-208.

Over the years, the scope of the electronic and composite repair has been expanded to cover most of the components and modules pertaining to the systems with which we work. Our repair methods boast up to a 91.7% reduction in cost of repair over the price of a new part from an OEM.


Verification and Validation 1
Transponder Circuit Repair
Verification and Validation 2
ERI Hardware Repair Station
RQ-11B Center of Gravity Test
Ground Radio Frequency Unit Repair